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Tools for an SEO Audit


One of the biggest challenges for website owners is figuring out how to get, and keep, their website high in the search-engine rankings. This not always an easy task, as search engines are continually tweaking their algorithms in an effort to weed out spam sites. This is why it is critical for you to have the right tools for performing an SEO audit.

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is the practice of designing a webpage so it will appear higher up, preferably on first page or two, of search results. The position of each website in the search-engine results, referred to as its “ranking,” show search-engine users how relevant and popular a website is based on the keywords used to perform the search. While SEO is a great way to attract customers to your website, few search-engine users go past the first page of search engine results, and this makes it crucial for you to perform periodic SEO audits.

When performing an SEO audit it is imperative to use effective tools to help design and refine a search-engine friendly site. While there are a plethora of SEO audit tools available, not all are equal to the task of helping you increase your website’s ranking.

Below is a review of some of the best tools for an SEO audit. It will require some time to implement each of the SEO audit tools, but it is worth the investment of time as without analyzing your website’s search-engine performance your site doesn’t have as good of a chance of ranking high in the search results. Before purchasing any SEO audit software, always try the free-trial version first to figure out what tool is best suited to your specific needs.

My Site Auditor

free-seo-audit-toolMy Site Auditor is a top auditing tool for SEO consultancy businesses. As search-engine rankings are based upon the page’s relevance to particular search terms, or keyword, this audit tool creates a report on the SEO potential of a specific webpage. My Site Auditor appraises each given webpage for the presence of a given keyword and then reports the results via an instantly-downloadable PDF data file or by an emailed report. Search-engine consultants can easily integrate My Site Auditor into a websites to automatically capture email addresses of users who submit an inquiry, allowing site administrators to follow up with the users for a sales call or marketing email. If signing up for the full version of My Site Auditor check online to see if there is a current coupon code, in order to get the best price.


Wpromote’s search engine optimization is great for performing quick comparison checks between two or more competing websites. One of Wpromote’s best features is it doesn’t limit the comparisons to a specific keyword, but instead calculates different search terms that will give sites the best ranking. This audit tool is very useful as it can show whether or not a website is hitting the targeted keywords. Wpromote comparison tool is totally free and can be used repeatedly to compare one website to numerous other sites simultaneously.

Screaming Frog Spider

screamingfrogThe SEO audit tool by Screaming Frog is quite unique among web-audit tools because it doesn’t need to be access while online. Instead, this audit tool is accessed via a program that is downloaded onto a computer, and the trial version is free of charge. The Screaming Frog Spider yields a massive amount of data, which may be a little overwhelming for SEO neophytes. Screaming Frog imitates a web spider, which is the software search-engine indexes use to rank and score webpages. It does take some time to learn how to use Screaming Frog, and the free version will only crawl 500 pages before it requires purchasing a subscription for 99 British pounds per license, or $150 U.S.

UpCity Report Card

Some users may find My Site Auditor’s report somewhat light on data and Screaming Frog’s report a little overwhelming. If so the UpCity SEO audit tool falls dead center between the two. Some have described the UpCity Report Card as the Goldilocks of SEO audit tools, as many feel it provides just the right mix of data and simplicity. The UpCity Report Card audit tool is easily accessed via the UpCity website and, like Wpromote, allows comparisons of multiple sites at the same time. Overall, if users don’t want to be overwhelmed with data, but still want to receive a thorough site evaluation, the UpCity Report Card is a great choice. Plus, UpCity is free and has several other free link-building tools to help increase search-engine rankings.


Web CEO SEO offers a “Technical Website Quality” audit tool that provides a dashboard of broad features far too numerous to list here. Web CEO is a very comprehensive, and no-cost, audit tool that does require setting up a free account, but it only takes a minute and just requires your email address. Once the account is set up you have full access the dashboard which includes a full analysis of the social value of your website, including relevance to Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Web CEO also offers keyword analysis to compare the keywords used on your website to your competitors. Web CEO SEO audit tool also offers a wide range of link audit tools, including a listing of any broken links your website may have.

Hubspot Market Grader


Saving perhaps the best for last, the Hubspot Market Grader is a simple to use SEO audit tool, and for ease-of-use it takes first prize. Market Grader is unique, catering to two types of users: the casual website owner as well as the master SEO strategist. While many may find a few of the audit tools listed above somewhat simple, others might feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the reports. Here is where Hubspot Market Grader really shines, as Hubspot provides two different levels of detail. The Hubspot audit tool affords a web-based analysis output that shows an initially summary, but each section of the report can be expanded to include more details if you want a more complete analysis than the casual user might be comfortable with.

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