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Online Marketing Trends for 2016

2015 was the year when the internet tended to bring more revolution to marketing and commerce, even in areas as staid as accountancy. It was a year when the world was introduced to advances in personalized selling and the use of business insights to improve sales for instance. 2016 promises more than that and it is a year when more innovations are expected to change the way people advertise and promote their businesses online, as well as see the increased merging of internet-based social and entertainment engagements with businesses. Below are some of the marketing trends to watch for in 2016.

Immersive videos and content

Enter the world of immersive 360 virtual reality video advertisement. Virtual reality, which is the media that brings an immersive feeling of a person being in a place where they actually are not (virtually), is itself expected to pick this year with major companies such as Google, Samsung and Facebook leading the onslaught. The result for businesses: presentation of more engaging immersive video and content to their audience, which will spur more interest among potential buyers and increase sale conversion. If you are looking for how to attract the attention of your viewers and audience with traditional content in 2016, it is time to think twice – researchers says you have an average of only eight seconds to grab people’s attention, making them worse than goldfish with a time span of 9 seconds within which you can capture its attention.

For a company, it is time to start creating immersive content – marketing videos and website videos. Many companies are already creating branded immersive content and bringing the immersive experiences to their audiences through dedicated applications in order to prepare for benefits virtual reality brings. Many have partnered with Oculus, Samsung and Google toward that end since those companies are some of the leaders in virtual reality markets.

Marketing intelligence and the Internet of Things

2016 will be the year when more businesses consider implementing intelligence data to hunt for more sales and loyalty from customers. One technological idea to bring revolution with that respect is the Internet of Things. It will see businesses collect more data from a variety of gadgets and platforms, and use shared data through clouds to understand clients and thus promote their businesses with that knowledge and intelligence.

To crown that in 2015 was the growth of interest in wearables among the many marketing trends. Sales and use of these gadgets is expected to increase this year. These gadgets will help in personalized data collection with a sole purpose of understanding individuals and bringing products to these individuals when and where they need them. Still, companies will continue investing in customer relationship platforms with an intention of collecting relevant data and using it to their advantage.

Personalized selling

We already introduced the aspect above. Personalized selling is where you seek to target your marketing, promotions and selling to the exact people who need the product when they need it. It works pretty easy in theory but not so in practice: you know someone at a certain location needs a certain product you deal in and bring it to them in a timely manner.

2015 saw many companies use search engine analytics to leverage that, in addition to putting in place other marketing trends. Still, it was pretty smart for some companies to leverage on mobile-friendly websites and intelligent data from smartphones and benefit from personalized selling, but 2016 is when more companies will seek to invest in this. More so, use of smartphones and wearables has been on the rise and it is expect to help generate more helpful data toward that.

Marketing Automation

Business automation has been around for some time now. It is expected that technologies will sprout to automate more marketing features given the benefits it renders such as low labor costs. More marketing features will feel the power of automation, from advertisement placement, content seeding, segmenting contacts, creation of marketing content, accomplishing automated selling, email marketing, to social media marketing.

Beside that, home automation is specifically an idea that will continue to sell and so will the related products and support systems. Home automation is where home owners seek to connect and remotely control home electronic devices.

Social media and search engines

It seems the power of social media will not be going away so easily, it works in all markets, even in markets like electrical, and calibration. If a video, tweet, picture or infographic went viral in 2015 for good reasons, you might have seen some benefits whether it meant more sale conversions, more website visitors or simply more publicity. Social media as one of the marketing trends that have been around for some time now, has the potential, even in 2016, to create better results for your organization given that companies such as Facebook and Google are still staying creative in the social circles by immersing into virtual reality media, for instance.

Invention in search engine optimization, which in recent years has been trying to merge with social media optimization, will continue. Search engines will continue to search for ways they can provide organizations and users with more accurate location-sensitive search data from various sources and platforms. This is expected to improve personalized selling.

The hunt for more audience by businesses over the internet is not likely to go away soon given that the internet is here to stay. There is no doubt that, in addition to search engine based analytics, some companies will look for more ways to get crowds. Take for instance intelligence-based content marketing platforms which you can employ to discover content seeding avenues/channels and strategically seed your content in authoritative and more popular sites (attracting thousands of readers). Some of these leverage on data from social media.

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