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Online Marketing for a Courier Company

If you are a courier company looking for marketing ideas, online marketing is one of your best options. Online is less costly, easily accessed, and has many advantages in terms of reaching customers quickly and more efficiently. Here are some simple ways to implement online marketing into your marketing strategy as a courier company.

Join the Social Media Train

All businesses, including courier companies, should be on board with social media networks. Social media has proven time and again that it is worth the hassle and effort to develop a brand name through their networks. Businesses that use social media are seeing more growth by using these networks than before. According to Stephen Strauss, an expert in small business, his survey documenting social media and small business returned with a mind-blowing statistic: 76% of small businesses who used social media said they had seen positive returns for their business.

Social media is one of the best ways to reach consumers with little to no money spent. Paid advertisements on networks such as Facebook or Instagram are good ways to start out when creating online marketing strategies for your courier company. Not only will these advertisements cost much less than traditional advertising, but you will reach more customers in your area quickly.

FedEx, for example, uses Instagram to document everyday life as a courier company. From animal deliveries to SuperBowl covered trucks, FedEx uses this platform to develop relationships with their customers and show them that their packages are in good hands. Your courier company could use these platforms to increase consumer awareness, trust, and relationships all for a free to low price.

Create a Courier Website

Big or small, courier companies who want to participate in online marketing need to create their own website. If you know nothing about code or fancy computers, try using a site like Wix or Squarespace that have simple click-and-drop tactics for creating a professional website. Businesses without websites in today’s market will be left behind as consumers are more trustworthy of companies with sites.

The good news is that once your site gets up and running, you will have to do minimal maintenance such as price adjustments, rearranging pictures, and changing color schemes.

Create Online Content for Your Courier Company

Creating promotional posts online are a great way to increase business. If you have seen customers leave your business based on price, you can implement a “Match Your Price” advertisement. This kind of advertisement tells your customers you are willing to come down on your price if they are able to find a lower price elsewhere. Many companies use this kind of tactic to rejuvenate their customer base.

Content that is inspiring or provides a customer with some kind of feeling or memory of experiences they’ve had are the most successful online. For courier companies, online marketing is about bettering the customer experience. Whether that means lowering prices, delivering on time or before the deadline, or adding warranties and insurance for free, courier companies need to implement these strategies into their content. Advertising the best things about your business strategies online will bring more customers through your door.

Marketing for Your Online Courier Store

Courier companies that are online should have an option for online shopping that allows the customer to pay for her service before shipping or having something delivered. This makes for a more convenient engagement between the business and customer. Consumers today want everything now. By enabling your courier business to use online sales, you will find that customers are happier and business runs much smoother.

Use pop-up ads before allowing a customer to check out. No one loves a pop-up ad, but they are tremendously useful when using online shopping sites because customers may have forgotten an extra service they needed or find a new product they wish to buy. It is imperative to use pop-up ads wisely as they can annoy your customers. When these ads are used appropriately customers will find value in your services and products and begin to purchase more each time they visit your online shop.

Online Marketing Strategies for Your Courier Site

Advertising is not your only option when it comes to marketing your business. You can use simple SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, to attract customers to your site. Search Engine Optimization is a more efficient way to bring customers to your site through keywords, pictures, and content. By using the keywords that your target customers use to locate courier businesses in your websites, online shopping areas, social media, and advertisements you will see an increase in business overall. SEO can be researched to an extent through the use of online services such as Google AdWords or other sites you find on the internet.

Although User Experience (UX) is not a directly an online marketing strategy for most businesses, courier companies should take the customer experience into account when creating their site and marketing it to consumers. Throughout every part of your courier business, you should be asking yourself if the information, products, services, and overall business are providing what your customer needs. If your site is hard to navigate or slow, your online marketing will be less likely to see positive returns.

UX is one of the biggest components when tackling online marketing because customers that cannot reach your online marketing or are annoyed by the experience they have with your business online will not pursue much further than the front page of your site. Be sure to incorporate how your users and customers will see, use, and feel when working on your online marketing strategies for your website.

Successful Online Marketing for Your Courier Company

Not every courier company uses the same online marketing strategies, but these are some of the easy ways to start. Free social networks, mailing lists, and SEO content and websites are just a few ways to create an online marketing strategy for your business. If you are not online savvy, the best way to find out more about these strategies is to visit with a professional. The good news is that consequences using these tactics are very small monetary and time wise. If you mess up, you can change it the next day and rework your strategy. Do not be afraid of online marketing, because just like your courier company, it will take you to new places!

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