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Link Building Ideas for a Safety Websites

Building citations, links, or getting the word out for electrical safety websites like Pat Testers, can be challenging. So, here are some link building ideas for a safety website:

Local Business Directories

Look for business directories that are popular and up-to-date. Point out the importance of work safety awareness, use their business as an example and get the ‘Safety Website’ link into that directory.


Sports Clubs and Groups

Do you have any interest in any sports, do you support any local clubs.  Lots of sports clubs have sponsor pages – this is win-win for all concerned – you get noticed and the club gets some money – clubs that support youth sports are great for this.

Public Organisations

Even a library needs safety awareness. For example, a slippery floor, a carpet ridge or mat that could be tripped over, sharp corners, shelves that are too hard to reach. And many other places like churches, halls, schools etc, would surely have safety implications in place and have their own websites. The public would feel relaxed at these places with the knowledge that their safety is paramount and a trustworthy, reliable link to a safety website is accessible to them.

Dealing with Hazardous Chemicals

Whether it is in a private home or at work the need for regular alerts and updated information to be available at all times is extremely important. To encourage the placing of a ‘Safety Website’ link onto websites regarding hazardous chemicals you would show the importance of chemical identification, emergency procedures, correct storage and handling, proper ways for disposal.

Social Websites

Social media is the best ‘gossip’ spreader of all. Use websites with the largest number of shares. Find a responsive slant to get the message across and produce the ‘Safety Website’ link.

Legal Requirement

All employers have a legal requirement to keep their employees and or customers safe and they have an obligation to provide a safe and healthy environment. So it could only be beneficial for an employer to link the ‘Safety Website’ to their company or business.

Blog Posts

A controversial statement will always get interest, soccer, politics, celebrities, horseracing, immigration or whatever is a hot newsworthy topic at the time. These topics could bring up safety issues and therefore encourage a discussion, have the ‘Safety Website’ link there.  Or look for blogs on similar site, but not the same business area – websites like this.

Target School Leavers

First time into the workforce can be a daunting step for some. Young people need support as they are most likely to make mistakes. A ‘Safety Website’ that has a good reputation and a clear guide on all areas regarding safety is most likely to attract vulnerable young people trying to find their place in the workforce. Perhaps an organised talk at schools on safety issues would reassure kids its ok to seek advice.

Local Newspapers

Take a full page ad out in the local newspaper. Be noticed. You might be surprised at how many people can actually be reached through this medium. Your ad should contain positive and interesting reading with information that is easily accessible through your ‘Safety Website’ link.

Be Available For Questions

Your ‘Safety Website’ should have an option whereby people can ask questions and those questions would get answered promptly. Encourage discussion. Have an option so people can suggest ideas and offer assistance and support your link.

YouTube Never Fails

Set up a video for people to watch. Think of something to grab people’s attention. Keep it short and to the point, humour goes a long way. You want it to me shared and talked about. It must be meaningful.

Study Your Successful Competitors

Find the safety sites that get all the attention. Work out what the key is and go for it. You can learn a lot by observing others, successful others. What seems to be the keyword or phrase that attracts visitors to that site.

Interact With Other Sites

Start a discussion with the dance school or local pony club. Show interest in what they do and what they teach. Involve them in safety discussions and or concerns. Offer to give an informative talk at a meeting or such like, encourage them to share your link.


You could consider using a ‘sitemap’, this will help search engines find detailed content in your website that the people are searching for. A sitemap is an extension of a normal Google search, easier and faster. You will need to make your sitemap available to Google.

Introduce Yourself

Make yourself known to a new institute and offer your services of safety knowledge in return for sharing your link. It could be placed at the bottom of a newsletter, advertising sticker or put on their notice board.


Reviews should be encouraged about your website either on your website or elsewhere. People are influenced by other people’s thoughts. And that is why blog posts can be instrumental in the development of your ‘Safety Website’.

Keep Content Up-To-Date

Words and phrases can get outdated over time. So be sure to keep your content ‘fresh’ and in time with the ever evolving and progressing world. You may need to be more specific in some areas of safety because of technology always changing and expanding, what may have been relevant 12 months previously might not cover that area now.

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