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Learning SEO on my own Website

When I launched my first website I quickly learned how much I didn’t know about the web and Internet marketing. More specifically, even though I had accomplished my first goal of creating a website, I had no true understanding of how search engines worked. My site took long to get ranked and I quickly realized that I needed to learn more about search engine optimization.

I never really took the time to learn about just one product, I was looking for that product that would make me an instant millionaire. Would you believe that even today many come online with the same thoughts, and are buying all the rubbish that is sold to newbies online, just like I did. You don’t have to make the same mistakes I made.

I have no doubt that most people who own a website on the internet have heard of SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation. Knowing about it is one thing, understanding it however is a whole different ball game. A lot of these people simply do not have the time to learn about the ins and outs of SEO and instead look to a third party to deal with this for them. Unfortunately there is an awful lot of misplaced advice given from people trying to make a quick buck and in this article I am going to write about SEO tactics that do work.

The first bit of advice that I think is important to state, is to be aware when so so called SEO experts state they can get you onto the first page of Google’s natural listings within say two months. Firstly enquire as to whether this is or some other Google local site. It is more difficult to gain high placements on Google dot com for obvious reasons but this is where you eventually want to be. The SEO expert may well be able to gain this top ten or top twenty ranking for your site but may well use techniques that could end up in your website being banned for ever. Tactics such as hidden pages or cloaking are some of the favourite of these web promotion cheats.

In SEO as in most areas of life, hard work pays off. What we all need to do is to attract visitors to our sites and the best way to do this is to have other webmasters to add a link to your site on their site. This is not that easy but it is where this hard work comes into play. Communication is a big part of learning about SEO and gaining these links. I personally love to speak to other webmasters about their experiences and am always cheeky to ask if they will put a link to my site on theirs.

These are the ways I like to promote my own websites, article marketing, talking to other webmasters and learning from their experiences, and also by ensuring that the content of the sites is of value which will by itself encourage other people to link to the sites.

Learning On My Own

After I learned that good website design requires integration of SEO best practices, I was on a mission to learn more about search engine optimization principles being used by top websites and applying them to my own. It took me a good three months to learn about SEO and design principles. Once I understood the fundamentals, I began applying them to my own website.

Once I redesigned my website and applied the on page optimization techniques from reading dozens of web pages, blogs, and websites, I had a pretty good understanding of what I did wrong and how I could impact my search rankings. With the design tweaks I had made and a little extra effort, I was able to boost my position by about 40 places. I was so impressed that I got hooked on learning more.

I learned that SEO takes time. There really are no quick fixes. I also learned the proper techniques to not only find the right keywords to choose and build a site that is search engine friendly, I also discovered more than I could ever imagine about effective SEO techniques. Over time, I have expanded the techniques and continue to learn more powerful ways to boost search results. This continuous learning is necessary for search engine optimization because it is always changing.

Put your time and effort into choosing the right keywords and optimize your site around those specific keywords. The Internet is crowded. When first starting out, don’t try to outrank Nike for the keyword sneakers ” it’s not going to happen.

Another great tip when it comes to building a website, poised for number one rankings, is to keep it simple. Don’t use flash and don’t get exotic. Keep your website design basic and use functionality that is intuitive and easy to understand. This not only makes it easy for your browsers, but also ideal for search engine spiders.

A really great thing you can do after your site is designed is focus on building inbound links. Inbound links can be explained as links from other websites that point to your site. The value here is that Google in particular evaluates the sites linking to you and uses this information to rank your site in search results.


If you are searching for SEO related information and advice, be careful of self professed experts. You want to make sure that the advice you’re receiving has been proven to work. Unfortunately, there aren’t many “secrets” about SEO out there. What differentiates one technique from another is simply the strategy and process involved. You should always be learning more and experimenting with various SEO techniques.

Search engine optimization techniques work but the impact happens over an extended period of time. This means that you need to continually be focused on SEO and learning more about search engines. As search engines update their algorithms, consider looking at new methods, tools, and resources to improve your organic rankings. This is essential for success.

Tom normally writes for DIY and electrical websites like, but is learning SEO and all areas of online marketing.  He find that writing and having the knowledge of search work together for online publishing.

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