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Digital Marketing

This short introduction to digital marketing lays out the basics for any beginners in marketing their website.

Own Website – Responsive design

A responsive web design is a design approach that reinforces the creation of a site with optimal viewing and interaction experience. Site navigation should be easy, while reading should be possible with minimal adjustments across a wide range of devices such as Smartphone. A website that is responsive is able to adapt to a viewing layout that incorporates features such as CSS3 media queries, flex images and fluid proportion based grids. The benefit of having a responsive website includes

  • Boosting your search engine optimization (SEO). This is an important marketing step because people prefer great sites.
  • Responsive design allows you to bring into the fold, majority of users who access the internet via mobile devices.
  • Responsive design makes it easy to convert browsers into buyers because it takes away the element of frustration that is associated with zooming difficulties and how information is read on the website.

Email Marketing

This is a marketing strategy that is used to convey messages to targeted audience via email. The process involves sending advertisements, donations, solicitations and business requests. The main purpose of using email marketing is to build brand awareness or loyalty. You can use specialized email marketing software’s to understand and appreciate your audience or plan your next move. The strategy can be executed directly or through a transactional email. Direct email involves sending promotional messages or communications to customers. Information that can be marketed directly through email includes; sales offer and product specs. Transactional emails, on the other hand, are normally sent, based on the actions taken by a customer. In a typical scenario, customers are usually previous buyers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often used to get traffic from search results obtained in search engines. Search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo all have primary unpaid search results, where contents including web pages, videos and local listings are displayed according to relevance.

The SEO strategy pays attention to factors such; how search engines work, what items are searched and what actual keywords are used during searches. The process of optimizing a website may involve making changes to the content or associated codes to eliminate indexing barriers for the purposes of increase search visibility. Under the indexing method, crawlers are used to locate pages using predefined algorithmic searches. Besides indexing, the other popular method used by search engines to produce results is via cross-linking. The process of cross-linking website pages in a site provides numerous links to a site; thereby enhancing visibility.


This online advertising service by Google allows advertisers to display their products and services to web users. Adwords are partially powered by predefined keywords. Adwords can help increase the visibility of your website, product or services to your customers when people make searches on Google. The system works using systems such as pay-per-click and cost per impression advertising. The benefits of using Google Adwords as a marketing tool include:

1. Local and international advertising – you can place ads to effectively target customers located within a certain distance to your business or specific geographical regions.
2. Attract more customers – businesses can take advantage of Google Adwords ability to grow online sales or maintain customer base.
3. Reach out to the right people when needed – customers and website visitors can easily find your business during searches.
4. Service support – Google Adwords makes it easy for you to manage your account. If you have any issues, you can call the support team.

Social Media

Social media provides a perfect platform for social media marketing. The whole process uses contents that attract reader’s attention. Through social media, information about events, product, company or service can be shared over the internet via social networks, news feeds, websites and instant messaging services. To make the best out of your social media campaign, you need to act yourself, be consistent and use social media in conjunction with other marketing techniques.

The role of social media in marketing
• Creates relationships with people who may otherwise not know about your company’s products or service.
• Gives identity to companies, services and products.
• Helps communicate and promote interaction between businesses and customers.
• It personifies a business because customers can read stories about personal experiences
• Provides a platform where people and businesses can associate with other businesses serving the same market.

eBook Marketing

eBook is a critical business marketing tool that comes in different formats and design. Ebooks can also be released periodically to show the progress a business is making. PDF and EPUB-style eBooks are some of the most widely used eBook formats. PDF based eBooks can be created easily using a computer, before they are attached to a website. A EPUB-style eBook, on the other hand, can be uploaded on sites such as Amazon. Once the eBook is ready, you can share it on social media and email. PDF eBooks can be read easily on devices such as tablet, computer and smart phones. EPUB-style books can also be read on the same devices; however, these eBooks feature flowing dynamic texts that can be changed or enlarged by the reader.
You can also use your PDF eBook to:
• Create free manifestos for spreading business ideas
• Create high-quality Minimum Viable Product that provides a platform for testing ideas or future products
• Grow email contacts.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is the act of monitoring and controlling the reputation of an individual, business or product on the internet. In most cases, reputation management is used to push down negative search results and may attempt to bridge the gap between a company’s reputation with that of its peers or how it perceives itself. Most reputation management firms use the following strategies to guard reputations:
• Issue online press releases through authoritative websites to diminish negative search results
• Post original and positive profiles on websites and social media sites to overcome negative searches
• Use legal take-down requests
• Respond quickly to public criticism about a product
• Use of denial-of-service and bot attacks to force sites with damaging information to drop them
• Give free products to renowned product reviewers

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