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10 Tools for Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing entails creation and sharing of relevant and useful content across different platforms and websites. It is actually a crucial strategy to start and operate a business in the modern world. Content marketing serves to attract and convert prospects into customers and improve sales, it is one of our main marketing methods at Lockout Safety.

The content can be presented in various forms including text, videos, infographics, case studies, e-books, articles white papers, and content curation. The content should be unique comprehensive, engaging, smart and funny.

Content marketing involves various stages, which include: topic and niche research, content creation, content editing and content curation.

If these stages are done right, you will have amazing content that will be shared across many platforms like wild fire.

The following are some of the useful content marketing tools that simplify each of the content marketing tasks.


As a content marketer, this tool helps you to determine the most shared and the most read content. It has features that you can utilize to distribute content to various social media audiences and curating content into smart native ads. Website:


This tool improves your content marketing strategy by examining the trending stories related to your niche. It highlights the most popular stories allowing you to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. Content is indexed in many topics for different tastes and preferences: Health, engineering, politics, work, culture, technology and more. Website:

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

This tool suggests blog post topics for content marketers after filling in just three terms you want to write about. Content Ideator is a similar tool that gives users existing titles which can be used as an inspiration. Website:

Editing tools

For a particular piece of content to serve its purpose , it must be written professionally by an expert and therefore it’s a good idea to entrust the job to a professional writing service or use the following editing tools.

Grammarly & Correctica

These tools ensure your content is free of grammatical errors and misprints before submitting. Paid pro versions of grammarly and correctica offer advanced proofreading. Website: &

Tools for content curation


This tool enables content marketers to create and share curated content and comments from experts on leading social media platforms and product websites. It also enables users to access more than 200, 000 RSS feeds. Website: allows you to find and share relevant content to various channels with just a click of the mouse. For instance, its daily update feature enables content marketers to receive newsletters on topics of their interest to earn a better ROI. The free version of allows users to post content on up to two social media accounts. It also gives you the chance to monitor one topic free of charge. Website:

With this tool, content marketers are able to find new and popular content from a large number of websites. It offers an easy way to find, schedule, publish and distribute relevant content across social media and the web. All the vital features are free of charge, but you can opt for the Pro version that has no ads and has more features. Website:


This app converts text or quotes you paste into a customized visually appealing picture to post on sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and many more. Website:

Haiku Deck

This software makes it easy for marketers to create interesting presentations but it can also be used to create visually appealing from their great collection of beautiful fonts, images , and layouts while getting predictable and measurable results. Website:

The noun project

This is a library if icons created and uploaded by contributors. You can choose a free account and use icons while giving the creator credit. But for those content marketers who want many icons regularly, it’s advisable to subscribe to a Pro plan. Website:

I am Dan and I provide content solutions to Powerpoint Engineering and have investigated all and use some of the above tools. The above mentioned tools can be invaluable in creation of visually appealing content. Moreover, these tools are fun to use and can produce amazing content. However, you cannot be guaranteed the best results if you do not maintain a close relationship with your customers and understand their individual needs. In order to get the most out of these tools, consider listening to your audience after uploading particular information to get the feedback. This can help you improve the quality of content you give your audience.

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