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 10 Courier Service Plugins for WordPress Websites

Are you looking to find the ideal plugin for your eCommerce website or your shipment business? Or just looking to know the best plugins for different courier and shipping purposes?

Look no further. Read on and find the top ten courier service plugins that will be the solution for your cargo, courier and shipment operations.

Table Rate WooCommerce Shipping

If you are running a low budget overseas e-commerce store, this plugin will definitely make your shipping much easier as it makes it easy to create complex shipping rules for international shipments. The Table Rate WooCommerce Shipping plugin has the ability to define multiple rates for a registered customer based on a variety of conditions set by the shop owner, add rules based on price, weight, the number of items and shipping class. Table Rate Shipping also takes care of calculations of cost based on the shipping zones and requirements. Other features include tax inclusion volumetric shipping, handling fees, and simple bundling


WPCargo is a WordPress plugin that is so designed to help you increase the visibility, quality, and efficiency of your cargo and shipment business. How? WPCargo has a quick and reliable system that provides a simple yet effective tracking solutions and productive operations. With WPCargo’s real-time tracking capability, customers can access and be aware of the shipping information at any given time. With the customizable tracking details feature, you are able to customize your tracking result by adding your logo, personalizing the page headings, colours, and font to match the look of your business brand.

WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping.

WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping is a WordPress plugin that allows you to set up advanced free shipping conditions. Such conditions like subtotal, user role, country, Zip code, stock status, weight, quantity, coupon among a lot more. WooCommerce  Advanced Free Shipping also allows you to add shipping cost to the shipping rates, set up a percentage based fee, add advanced shipping cost via the WAS Advanced Pricing extension, create shipping zones and also set tax status.

Woocommerce Delivery Time Picker for Shipping.

Woocommerce Delivery Time Picker for Shipping is a plugin that allows customers to pick date and time for delivery of their shipment on the checkout page and also from an intuitive and user-friendly widget. The time of delivery is always visible to the site administrators in the admin area when viewing the shipment order. This plugin will allow you to easily change the date/time picker widget appearance and also restrict dates and date range for shipping.

Bundle Rate Shipping

The WooCommerce Bundle Rate Shipping Plugin is one of the most popular plugins, designed for creating flexible bundled shipping rates based on their delivery destinations, the categories of the products being sold, or their shipping class. It allows you to provide special bundled shipping rates when one purchases multiple items.

In case you need to set more than a single shipping method for different shipping classes or categories, you can easily configure the WooCommerce Bundle Rate Shipping Plugin to fit your needs in just a few steps. Furthermore, you can add as many additional layers as you like for each category, adding a degree of complexity that is suitable for your store’s situation. You can also set different shipping rates for different countries and the fact that this plugin is translatable makes this a lot easier.

WooCommerce Delivery Slots

WooCommerce Delivery Slots plugin enables your customers to choose and reserve a delivery date and time for their order. It allows you to enable a lockout number for each individual time slot or restrict specific time slots to certain orders. It gives your customers full control over their shipping and delivery times whereby they can reserve a date and time for shipment and also change them before placing their order.

Shipping Details Plugin for WooCommerce

Shipping Details Plugin is one of the most popular WordPress plugins which allows users to enter Shipment Tracking Number and display them on the Track Order and View Order pages and send them via email when the order is complete. It also creates dynamic tracking URLs for the listed companies enabling user to easily access the tracking results without necessarily entering the tracking number on the shipping company’s site.

Weight Based Shipping for WooCommerce

A major shortcoming of the WooCommerce is its lack of a default weight-based shipping support. However, with the Weight Based Shipping for WooCommerce plugin, that is not a problem. This is a shipping solution for stores who use cart weight in calculations of their shipping fees. It also allows you to calculate flexible pricing like flat rates and price based on cart weight and also adds multiple rules based on various conditions.

Shipping Multiple Addresses plugin

This plugin is for those who would like to make shipping easier for customers shopping for many people from different places at one time. The Shipping Multiple Addresses plugin allows you to ship individual products to different addresses with only one order instead of having to make different transactions for each address thus making it very convenient. It doesn’t get easier than that, does it?

Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method

Last on my list, but definitely not the least is Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method WordPress plugin. This plugin is for you who are searching for a solution to set conditional flat rate shipping rates based on the product purchased by the customer as it opens up the possibility to create as many flat rate shipping methods as you need. It also allows you to configure custom flat shipping rates for a specific individual product, product category or country.  Customers can always view the shipping methods based on what they are shopping and shipping.

The list of WordPress plugins available is vast but these without a doubt top it up. So go get the plugin that suits your need and you will be ready to shop and ship, but don’t forget to look after your on site seo factors, as recommened by Google.




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